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Message From Pasadena Councilmember John Kennedy Re: 2021 Thanksgiving Tragedy

Posted November 22, 2021
By Pasadena City Councilman John Kennedy

​Statement by Councilmember John J. Kennedy on the Tragic Death of a 13-year-old killed in his home on Raymond Avenue by a stray bullet while playing video games.

We have lost an innocent life in Pasadena. This life was bright and precious; this young teenager had joy and purpose, and the future belonged to him.

No longer alive to walk this earth, he is now with God and the angels. His family is beyond grief, and we are not far behind them in the anguish that fills our hearts. Our community and its people are in sorrow.

To the person who thought so little of all of us to fire a gun in our neighborhood and take this young life: the consequence of your thoughtless action is grief and suffering beyond words. Turn yourself in.

To anyone who was with him: turn him in.

To anyone who knows who he is: turn him in.

It does not matter if this man is black, brown, or white. It does not matter if he is in a gang or a lone wolf. It does not matter if he is young or old. Turn him in.

As diverse peoples and diverse communities, we must stand up and stand together. Justice must be done; it is up to us to speak out and not remain silent. If you know something, say something. Turn him in and end this madness. ​

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