​17 year old John Muir senior Malik Kindle stands tall and speaks with purpose. Those are two powerful qualities for a young man about to go out into the world should have. 

While I was doing the interview I kept thinking that I had seen the young man before, but it wasn't until later while I was editing the interview that I realized why he looked so familiar to me. I've known his father Robbie since we were kids. I also found out that his mother was Zina and that's when I understood why Malik was such a polite young man. Good parenting can take a kid a long way.

Malik, who was introduced to the arts by his step-mother at a young age, has only been acting for a couple of years, but it's clear that he has the passion  drive and talent to be successful, not to mention that he voice is already deeper than mines and his pronunciation of words is amazing. So amazing that i offered him a job as a field commentator for upcoming local events. 

Not only is he pursuing his acting career, Malik also has a job running Ideal Youth's social media marketing through Snap Chat. 

This weekend, April 7-9 Malik will be in the Spring play Bye Bye Birdie at Pasadena High School where he will be playing the role of a dad whose daughter is dating a boy going to war.Tickets are only $10, so if you are free, go check Malik out. in 20 years you'll be able to say, "I saw him perform when he was just a kid." 

Youth on the rise

Malik kindle: Young Thespian Ready to Take the Lead

Posted April 7, 2017
By Dennis Haywood