Teenagers take a stand against racial violence in a peaceful protest in Old Town Pasadena

PASADENA - On Saturday evening over 100 teenagers from the Bulletproof organization and Youth for Peace came together and had a peaceful march and protest that went from Robinson Park to JR Thomas' home, down to Old Town where  they sat in protest of all of the senseless killing going on by police against people of color not only in America, but right here in Pasadena.​​

The recent killing of Reginald Thomas has sparked an awareness in Pasadena that has been absent since the days of the great Michael Zinzun. Students from all of the public high schools in the city participated in the march that shut down Old Town for close to an hour. The students sat down in the intersection of Colorado and Fair Oaks and let the City know that they aren't taking things lightly and they will be heard.

Jasmine Abdullah and some of her Black Lives Matter supporters were also on hand in a show of true allegiance to the youth in this community.

Bulletproof is an organization co-founded by students in the march that "focuses on the success of minorities in Pasadena," said Deon Brown. Youth for Peace is just what it says it is. This generation will not be unheard and they are socially aware in a way unlike the past. 

The cry for justice from the youth was loud and clear as people visiting Old Town got a true look at the diversity of Pasadena and it was emotional. Student after student stood and spoke about what was bothering them about today's society. They spoke on issues that ranged from the racial disparity in AP classes at the schools to Reginald Thomas being murdered by the Pasadena Police.

This isn't something that they did for one day, these teenagers are committed to push for a change in societies way of thinking and dealing with minorities.


Youth For Peace Non-Violent Protest Shuts Down Old Town

​Posted Oct 10, 2016
By Bosco Buchannon