Local Black-Owned Businesses Really Need Your Support During the Pandemic

Posted April 6, 2020
By Dennis Haywood

​​​There are local businesses that are still open and doing business during this corona pandemic. This is a time when we need to not only get closer and better connected as family units and households but as a community. It may not seem possible with social distancing going on but it is. 

You may need to get your credit right. Now is the time to do that and there are people like Credit Connoisseur Sabrina Porchia. Maybe you need some mental healing or family counseling. You can call Nakeya Fields at the Feel Well Empowerment Center and have a virtual session or set up an appointment time for the future.

If you're hungry, maybe once a week call Perry's Joint instead of Subway. Maybe you're tired of cooking and your family is tired of your cooking. It would be a good idea to call DD's Fish & Cat Shack. Not only is the fish, chicken, and shrimp delicious but they can cook any meal if you request it. If not DD's call Mz. Suga Sweets & Catering, locally-owned and operated by Catina Pollard.

​This pandemic has us all thinking about our finances and maybe now is the time to contact Portia Wood at Wood Legal Group so you can get your estate in order and learn some ways to earn more for your future with the money you have. Dr. Cozette M. White is also an accounting and tax resolution expert who can help you plan for your future.

Royalty Creations has wigs in different styles to keep the ladies looking pretty while their stylists are out of commission. Or maybe you're a stylist who doesn't know how to crochet. Royalty Creations is having online courses teaching stylists how to crochet.

​Maybe now is the time to start planning the party you've always wanted. This stay at home order isn't going to last forever, so why not give Chalaun Sailor a call and get those plans moving early.

All of these businesses are in our Black Business Directory. Now is a good time to put it to use and circulate our Black dollars.