Living Above the Hype with K-Rahn Vallatine

Posted September 5, 2018
By  Rochele Jones

 Join K-Rahn Vallatine for a two-session, 8-hour Urban Youth Culture Competency and Engagement Training to help adults work with youth and young adults who are exposed to trauma and engage in high-risk behavior. The sessions are this Friday, 9/7 and next Friday, 9/14 at the Flintridge Retreat Center from 9:00am to 1:30pm.

Educational Consultant and author K-Rahn Vallatine works to assist at-risk youth in making healthy pro-social decisions.  He also serves diligently to educate youth service professionals on youth culture, while creating educational resources that help effectively engage this population. Throughout the years, K-Rahn has served as a school teacher, has sat on a school Board of Directors, has years of experience working in  Los  Angeles’  juvenile halls and juvenile detention campsand has established himself as an authority in thecultural analysis of urban youth culture. He is the author of the Live Above The Hype Hip Hop Life Skills Curriculum, a character development curriculum that uses Hip-Hop cultureto stimulate in-depth self-reflection and positive value shifts in gang and drug impacted youth. K-Rahn has been called "a brilliant analyst of cultural issues that affect  teen  perceptions of  themselves  and  their  sense  of  power."  

This course will teach you about the social and historical context of youth living in the communities we serve; effective, trauma-informed de-escalation of strategies; trauma, complex trauma, community trauma, and professional trauma-sensitive approaches. 

To register contact: desirae@flintridge.org or 626-449-0839, ext 101