I will that these words reach you in the best of health and wellness. We are living in a time where our government has amped up its use of fear to control us. It’s said that it’s easier to lead with fear than it is to lead with love. Since the epidemic of Covid-19, many American citizens have literally lost their minds, jobs, businesses, loved ones, their homes, and much more.

At the beginning of this epidemic, there was a shortage of toilet paper and paper towels and some stores resulted in selling tissues during certain hours and giving out tickets to increase the chances of more people getting an opportunity to purchase some toilet paper and paper towels. Many companies started allowing their employees to work from home, schools closed, and America as we knew it was changed in a twinkling of an eye.

Now just a little more than a year later there are some states that are making it mandatory to either get the vaccine or get Covid testing twice a month or more. Fear of dying as well as the fear of losing employment are two fears that are being promoted by the powers that be.

Well, I must say that it would be better for us to not get the vaccine rather than to get it. These individuals in power haven't had our best interest since we have been living under their time to rule this planet. It would be much more beneficial for us to improve our immune system as well as to improve the quality of foods that we consume. Taking our health and wellness into our hands is essential if we want to know what’s going into our bodies.

There is a science to eating to live and science to eating to die. We have to make a choice as God is drawing a line in the sand for us to choose from.  We are either on the side of the father or the side of our open enemy. Coronavirus is something that should have had us rushing to the produce section for organic fruits and vegetables.

Coronavirus should have had us rushing to learn how to grow our own foods in the best manner. Stay away from fast food joints and start learning how to create healthy wholesome meals. If you own a Mercedes you wouldn’t put 87 gas in it because it requires 911 gas in it in order for it to operate properly. Our bodies are worth much more than any Mercedes Benz that’s available for purchase therefore we should focus on putting the best foods into our bodies. By doing so it prevents us from becoming victims of Covid 19 and many other ailments and diseases.

The only thing that we should fear is God himself. Death is natural. If they choose fear to control us then we should allow our love and faith in God to guide us. I am urging you to stay away from their vaccines and get into your kitchen with the best of foods and veggies that your money can buy. If you are not able to purchase a lot of healthy fruits and veggies you should focus on buying and living off the best foods that your money can buy. Eat to live and not to die. 

Sincerely Your 
Brother and Servant
The Wellness Preacher 

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Let The Way You Live Be Your Covid-19 Vaccine

Posted August 30, 2021
By Qaadir Muhammed