​​​​​For 40 years Lawrence & Colbert Hair Studio has been serving the Pasadena/Altadena area with upper echelon beauty care.

​I must say that I came away from this interview with a new vision on business and how to operate one. Lawrence is a keen businessman and Colbert was smart enough to understand the gift his partner had.

In it's inception, what is now known as Lawrence & Colbert was Lawrence Hair Studio. Envisioned and established by Lynn R. Lawrence in September 1978, Lawrence wanted to bring the Beverly Hills experience to the area. This now growing beauty enterprise started with a staff of three: receptionist; creative designer, Allyn T. Colbert (former co-owner); and Lynn Lawrence himself. The salon was equipped for six operators, which housed a staff of five by March 1979. By December 1979 three additional operating stations were added with accompanying shampoo areas. The staff size grew with new operators and a manicurist. ​In 1982,  the  Lawrence  &  Colbert  team,  out  of  a  desire to ensure quality and



lawrence & Colbert: the epitome of class in business

By Dennis Haywood

Lawrence and Colbert with Pasadena Black Pages staff members.

maintain the satisfaction of services to its clientele, instituted the present in-salon training program. New staff, first hired as assistants, received training in various techniques involving hair preparation, cutting and design. To date, hundreds of individuals have completed the program, many of which have become highly competent and creative artists in the industry. As many graduates completed the training, there was again the need to expand. So, in July 1983, eight more operating stations were added, utilizing the salon's capacity for seventeen operators. 

rest not to get left behind.

​In addition, it has in the past years provided countless demonstrations and workshops throughout the Los Angeles area for existing artists in the industry desiring to learn new methods and techniques. Theirs is an enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, and dedicated team.


Although the name remains the same, Colbert has opened his own salon in Pasadena called Colbert Studios and he is looking to duplicate the success of Lawrence & Colbert.

​Colbert told the Pasadena Black Pages about how the two men first met. "I was a salon manager and this young gentleman comes up the street in his jeans with his bag over his shoulder looking for a gig. So he came in and we interviewed him... and we hired him."

​Allyn spoke on the vision Lynn had when he came into the shop. The two men became the best of friends and when it was time to venture out, they did it together.

Lawrence & Colbert has never stopped its vision of a highly successful business period. It continues to seek new talented hair designers, as well as the strive to cater to the needs of its clients. The salon has expanded its services to include manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. 

​Lawrence & Colbert is a place of opportunity, but it is also a place to learn how to become a successful business owner with vision. "We created the Lawrence and Colbert press a Lawrence and Colbert blow  dry,"  Lynn Lawrence ​explained. He made it clear that to be successful in business you have to go hard everyday and try to stay a step ahead of the rest or at least stay close enough  to  the