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Kory Williams on Fatherhood

​Posted June 12, 2017
By Dennis Haywood

There once was a time in Pasadena when there were plenty of positive male role models. One of the places where there were many good examples of what a man was supposed to be and represent was at the McKenzie Boys Club on Fair Oaks and Montana. 

Pastor Kory Williams of Kingdom Heart Ministries was once a boy without constant contact with his biological father and the Boys Club was where he met strong Black men like Larry Cole, Chuck Bradford and Joe Ford. Yeah, Kory is a pastor now, but he was exposed to what Northwest Pasadena has to offer on all levels and it takes a strong kid to go the right route.

After working at the Boys & Girls Club for  ten years, Kory gave back to where he had been blessed. Now a jailer, pastor and father of 4 wonderful boys, he is doing a great job of raising them with his wife Haley. "I realized as I got older, not having my biological father in my life was paramount to me and detrimental as a young man," Kory told the Pasadena Black Pages. It's those hardships he is going to make sure his boys never have to face. He knows they will encounter obstacles, but being fatherless isn't one of them as so many Black boys really do have to continuously conquer that reality.

​Kory and his wife are outstanding examples of good love. Together they live by the creed of their Kingdom Heart mission statement, which is to exemplify a kingdom heart of love, faith, truth, compassion, and integrity toward each person we meet and introduce to Jesus. Our goal, through the message of Jesus Christ, is to unlock the gifts and talents in each individual so that they can bring glory to God and become the best version of themselves; become kingdomhearted.

They are raising their children in the church, something Black families did because it was embedded in us, but we have lost that and it's good to see someone so young and determined to make an impact on not only his sons, but all of the young boys and men in our community.