5-year-old actress Journey Christine is already a vet when it comes to acting and modeling. but recently told her mother Celina that she wanted to do a song because some of her actor friends have videos out. Her mom told her that if she wrote a song, they would figure out a way to record it. After spending a weekend with her aunt Amina journey returned home with a song. Celina contacted her cousin at Rhythm Section Entertainment and the rest is history. 

Last Friday Journey released her first single called "Work", an upbeat song that will drive your kids to go a little harder at the hard things in life so playtime will be even better and well deserved.

Journey began her acting career at the age of 13 months old. She booked her first national commercial for Kohl's department store. Journey continued to wow casting directors and booked several other commercials.

Primetime TV audiences have seen Journey prominently featured in commercials for Honda, Walmart, Kohl's, Home Depot and a handful of other top companies.

Journey is no stranger to the camera. She has a passion for performing arts, dance, and music. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, traveling, and playing football with her brothers.

Journey booked her first print job for Vans shoes aa a one-year-old. From then on, Journey has worked with various top brands, from, Disney to Tom Ford. In 2019, Journey has walked in 3 fashion shows, including Los Angeles Spring Summer Fashion Week. When Journey hits the runway, she always brings her A-game.  See Journey's resumé for more details regarding her experience and skills.

In 2019, Journey has been busy filming the Amazon Prime series: "Hidden Springs". Journey's first feature film, "Let It Snow", will be released on Netflix this winter.  Journey was also cast in 2 short films: "Moon" and "E.R Compliance". To keep up to date with Journey Christine, follow her on social media.

​Saturday, Journey will be having a birthday party at The Clubhouse LA and she will be performing her new song.

Journey Christine, Pasadena Black Pages
Work by Journey Christine

Website: www.journeychristine.com

Single: “Work” by Journey Christine available on all digital platforms ( iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, & Spotify)

She will be performing live on August 17th at Custom  Hotel in LA. For tickets visitwww.theclubhousela.com


Young Actress Journey Christine says Work Hard Play Hard in New Song and Life

Posted August 15, 2019
By Asha Smith