Josh Thomas is the most welcoming executive chef in town. The first time I went into the White Horse Lounge in Old Town Pasadena, he came right up to the hostess area and introduced himself. He made me feel like I had made the right decision by entering the establishment even though Josh is a big man, his demeanor is always non-threatening.  

I had no idea that the restaurant specialized in Louisiana cuisine, but "Big" Josh let me know that not only is the cuisine from the bayou but it is the best in the area. The White Horse is where Southern Hospitality meets Cocktail Craft. The White Horse Lounge welcomes guests into a friendly, relaxed environment, enlivened by the vibrant spirit of Bourbon Street. Enjoy the shared experience of their authentic Southern cuisine, the artistry of their bartenders, and the world tour of our whiskey selection. Indulge, Imbibe, and experience true Southern Hospitality, at the White Horse Lounge.

Josh came to Pasadena from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to play football at Pasadena City College where he became an All-American defensive tackle, but injuries sidelined his dreams of becoming an NFL player, so the big man, who already had a culinary degree before he enrolled at PCC started cooking again and he hasn't looked back since.

It took a lot of hard work and time to become an executive chef, but Josh has done it and now he's here to fill our pallets with the savory flavors of the Bayou. Mix the essence of authentic Southern recipes with the freshness of local sourcing, and sit back to enjoy Big Josh’s menu of deliciousness.

Big Josh Johnson, White Horse Lounge, Pasadena



Josh Thomas has Brought Louisiana to Pasadena in a Big Way

Posted February 26, 2019
By Dennis Haywood