2020 Graduates

Jaisun Townsend: Odyssey Charter School

​Pasadena Black Pages

My experience at Odyssey was great. All the teachers and even some of my classmates helped me out when I needed it most. All of my teachers were very patient with me even when I gave them a hard time. Overall I feel like my Odyssey experience was the best school experience I have ever had. At Odyssey, I learned that you cant be anti-social if you want to get through middle school you have to be able to talk and make friends. I also learned that you make your own potential and no one else.

My plans for high school are to do even batter than I did in the 8th grade. I also want to get better grades and work harder in high school. One of my biggest plans for high school is to play basketball. That means that I have to work hard and keep my grades up and have no missed assignments And one of my biggest goals is to make strong relationships with all my teachers. The high school I will be attending is John Muir High School Early College Magnet.