How Voting Wrong on Measure I in November can Affect you

Posted October 4, 2018
By Asha Smith

Q: What is Measure I?
A: In July, the Pasadena City Council unanimously placed the Pasadena Infrastructure/Community Essential Services Protection Measure I on the November 6th ballot. If enacted, Measure I will provide a locally-controlled funding source to address community priorities identified by the public such as:

1. Maintaining fire, police and paramedic services and 911 response times.
2. Repairing streets and sidewalks.
3. Keeping fire stations open and upgraded.
4. Improving neighborhood and school safety.
5. Maintaining after-school and senior programs.
6. Addressing homelessness

Q: How does Measure I improve fire safety?
A: Engineers have said that in a major earthquake, Pasadena’s aging fire stations would likely be rendered inoperable—crippling the ability of first responders to address major medical emergencies, search and rescue. If enacted, Measure I provides funding to repair and upgrade aging fire stations, bridges and City emergency shelters to meet current seismic safety standards, better preparing our City for disasters.

Q: What are other infrastructure needs addressed
by Measure I?

A: The City of Pasadena is 132 years old and has an aging infrastructure which needs to be repaired and upgraded. Measure I funds upgrades to deteriorating City streets and sidewalks before it costs taxpayers more in the long-term.
Q: I’m concerned about homelessness.
A: Pasadena now has one of the largest homeless populations in the San Gabriel Valley – and homelessness has increased by 18% from 2017. If enacted, Measure I provides funding to address mental health, substance abuse, and job training to respectfully help individuals, veterans, and families with young children transition away from and stay off the street while ensuring business districts, parks, and public areas are safe and secure for everyone.

There were 677 homeless people living in the city during the 2018 count. More than half were living on the streets.