Great Day at Hurting Women Be Healed Luncheon

Posted April 2, 2019
By Rochele Jones

Last Saturday Teanna and I joined  Colynda Winbush at her Hurting Women Be Healed Luncheon. At the Almansor Court in Alhambra, Ca.

Colyna is a 2-time local Author who has a heart of Gold. Has experienced her fair share of life’s ups and downs. But has turned her pain into her passion. She’s on a daily mission to heal Women. She wants to rewrite that saying hurt people hurt people. To Healed people heal people she knows that it’s hard work but it can definitely get done.

Colyna graced the presence to every woman with a smile and an extra push of encouragement. She shared her story and encouraged us to be at peace with ours.

Colyna also had back up her guest speakers Jada “Bee” Brown, Khysa Green and Pastor Hailey Williams had also been on the battlefield. They came and shared their war stories and testimonies as well.

They shared how they destroyed themselves to rebuild themselves. Often time we know people but we don’t know their stories. 

This room had electric energy and I’m still on a healthy shock. 

I go to many events but from the moment I arrived, I felt blessed to be there. I was even given a beautiful red rose upon my entrance.

Women of Pasadena were loving on women from Pasadena. My heart was heavy from witnessing women get showered with gifts, hugs, smiles, prayers, love, support and motivational words of encouragement.

She also had vendors there showcasing their businesses. I personally made over 60 ribbons to bless each woman. The ribbons symbolized peace, renewed faith, inner peace, childhood, friendship, and approachability.

This event proved that we are not alone and we can do it together.

Colyna made several points, but I loved when she mentioned women need women and the importance of sisterhood.

My spirit along with every woman in that room was touched and blessed.