God Exists is a homemade brand dedicated to bringing people closer to God especially in unforeseen times. To say that God Exists means believing that through every obstacle, challenge, and good moment He is with us. He is aware of our situations and is always in control. God Exists in every aspect of our lives. They provide the best high-quality customizable apparel at an affordable price and shipped out quickly.

Meet the Founder!
Alaysia Barker-Vaughn started this brand in order to give hope to people during the mountains and valleys of their lives.

At 16-years-old Alaysia was taken into the Foster Care System as a result of experiencing abuse and neglect. After reflecting on this traumatic time in her life she later realized that God was with her even when she felt like He was absent. He allowed her to use the most traumatic moment of her life as a personal testimony to help youth affected by the system and create this clothing line.

The Lord gave her the strength to persevere and reach her personal, educational, and professional goals. Through His will, is a Political Science Major, African American studies minor at Loyola Marymount University. She is also the proud owner of Spark Your Future, a non-profit organization designed to equip youth affected by the foster care system the opportunity to seek higher education.

Though she has experienced extreme hardship, she would like to help others who need some hope. All support means the world, and a portion of our profits are donated to organizations helping to improve the Foster Care system.


God Exists Within Alaysia Barker-Vaughn and She Expresses it Through Fashion

Posted January 11, 2021
By Rochele Jones