Geneva Harmon-Brown's Homecoming Turned into a Day of Community Love

Posted June 6, 2019
​By Asha Smith

Photo Curtesy of Jackelene McDanials-Holly

If you ever had the opportunity to talk to or be around Geneva Harmon-Brown, you would easily understand why so many people came out to celebrate her wonderful life and support her family during this time of transition. 

Metropolitan Baptist Church was filled to capacity as hundreds of people paid their respects. She was such a special lady that pastors from two churches she belonged to took part in the service, as did several other pastors from Pasadena.

Emotions ran deep as people stood to speak of how Geneva touched them. From men she had fed when they were growing up with one of all of her four sons, to her nephews, nieces, and grandchildren. As hard as it was, her daughter Monica stood before the crowd and addressed everyone, because her mother would have wanted her too. 

After the service, a caravan followed the hearse as she was taken on one last ride around Northwest Pasadena and Altadena before she was taken to her resting place at Mountain View Mortuary. 

Hundreds of more people came to Robinson Parks for the repast and for a couple of hours people were sharing the love of not seeing some in a while. People were sharing memories of Mrs. Brown and her gumbo that is famous in Pasadena. We all expect Monica to keep that going. 

Mrs. Harmon-Brown and her gumbo was as big a part of the Pasadena Black History Parade as the parade itself. After the parade, if you went up to her house on Figuroa Street, it would seem like there was a family reunion going on because so many hungry people wanted that gumbo. I know people who come to Pasadena that day just for her gumbo.

After her repast, the outside and backyard of her house looked like gumbo day times 10. It was a beautiful sight and it was all because of her. She was a mother like they don't make them anymore. She was honest and she was a role model. She was driven by faith and it was evident by all the love she received from a community that clearly understood that we lost an angel. 

​Geneva may be gone, but her epic smile will remain in all of our hearts and minds until we transition.