Home matters to Darrell Gay, and he had a vision beyond his vision when he started First to Third Baseball. It started with him wanting to teach Pasadena kids the forgotten game of baseball. Pasadena has quite a history of youth baseball that has slowly dwindled over the past 20 years with the surge of travel basketball and celebrities like Snoop Dogg starting youth football leagues.

There once was a time when every kid participated in football, baseball, and basketball whether they were good in them all or not. Some were better in different sports, but they still participated in them all. Most of the great professional athletes were multi-sport athletes when they were youths and chose what they were best at when they got older. A perfect example is Superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Jr., whose father was a World Series-winning professional baseball player. The Jr. Mahomes played baseball and basketball all his life until he had to make a decision entering college. It turned out that he was a much better football player so he went that route for success. 

What first to Third is doing is giving kids the option. There aren't any full little leagues in the city anymore so the kids have to travel to different parks just to play. First to Third teaches the fundamental skills kids need to not only be good baseball players but the understanding of the game so they will enjoy it more.

With this new mobile store, baseball will be in the faces of people all over town, with the goal being to re-spark interest in America's pastime. 

The truck is beautiful inside and out with plenty of gear for youths and adults. If you see the mobile store posted up somewhere around town, stop and take a look inside. If your child has any interest in baseball, give Darrell a call or go to the website and sign them up.


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First to Third Baseball Opens Unique Mobile Store

Posted Febuary, 2020
By Bosco Buchannon