“It is likely that if you’re Black and over the age of 20, you have a fibroid,” says M. Natalie Achong, M.D., of the Yale University School of Medicine’s department of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences. “Fibroids are benign knots of muscle tissue. Sometimes they’re really tiny . . . sometimes they’re really big. I have patients [who’ve had ones] as big as watermelons,” she says, adding that some women never know they have them. Others experience heavy bleeding, cramping, abdominal pressure and swelling, frequency urination, painful intercourse, fatigue, miscarriages and infertility. Fibroids can be treated by surgery or making sure blood pressure is normal and maintaining a healthy diet. Fibroids account for roughly one-third of all hysterectomies performed in the United States, about 100,000 cases a year. Hysterectomy rates among Black women are more than double those any other ethnic group.  

The above is not a coincidence at all, in fact the current conditions of the original people has been an ongoing project for many years. It is vital that we seek knowledge of who we are so that we can return to our original selves. We've built things that modern technology still hasn't caught up to. Yet we are at the bottom in every area, especially in health. 

Are you aware that nothing is killing us (Blacks and Mexicans) more than poor health choices? Not police killings, nor gang violence is killing us more than health and abortions. We lead in these areas, but why? One major reason is that we have been trained to think less of ourselves and taught to hate ourselves by the powers that be. It is time that we demand to eat to live and it is time that we stop going along to get along with people who don't have our best interest in mind. 

We have to start searching for the best of foods and exercise regularly. We are the children of the most high and if we are to function on a higher frequency we must be tuned up. Are you aware that by placing poor foods and drinks within our bodies prevents us from wanting the best that life has to offer? This is why it is so easy for us to settle for less because of the types of physical and mental foods that we are feeding our souls. Let us take a stand to demand from ourselves the best that we can afford.  

Fight 4 Life NO EXCUSES practical application of the week.   
Exercise for at least 20 to 45 minutes a day. 
Share this message with your friends and family.  
Read what you are buying to eat.  
Stay away from soy products.  
Support your own with a smile. 


Your Brother and Servant 

The Wellness Preacher  

So fresh and so clean

"I warn my people especially the women. Be aware of the tricks the devils are using to instill the idea of a false birth control in their clinic and hospitals." ​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Elijah Muhammad


Fight for Life: Exercise for Life, Eat for Sustenance

Posted Oct 27, 2017
By Qaadir Naqib

Qaadir’ Naqib is the founder of “Fight 4 Life” NO EXCUSES, a non-profit organization that was inspired through his journey of losing weight. He became known as The Wellness Preacher. He has organized numerous events and fundraisers in cities from Pasadena, California to Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015, He was inspired to send a group of youth from his hometown to Washington D.C for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Qaadir', who co-created J.O.E 626, grew up in a single parent home in a neighborhood known for gang violence and drugs. He was able to break free from the chains of his environment and started mentoring young males with a goal of preventing them from going down the wrong path in life. In the fall of 2016, he launched a 12 week manhood training course for young men from ages 8-18.