Fight for Life: We Are  What We Eat

Posted August 10, 2017
By Qaadir Naqib

Qaadir’ Naqib is the founder of “Fight 4 Life” NO EXCUSES, a non-profit organization that was inspired through his journey of losing weight. He became known as The Wellness Preacher. He has organized numerous events and fundraisers in cities from Pasadena, California to Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015, He was inspired to send a group of youth from his hometown to Washington D.C for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Qaadir', who co-created J.O.E 626, grew up in a single parent home in a neighborhood known for gang violence and drugs. He was able to break free from the chains of his environment and started to mentor young males with a goal of preventing them from going down the wrong path in life. In the fall of 2016, he launched a 12 week manhood training course for young men from ages 8-18.

"The scripture says, 'My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.' We eat unhealthy food because we don't know what we're eating and the effect of what we're eating on the systems of our body, in particular on our brain. So the only way to change that is to introduce new knowledge, correct knowledge and when you have the correct knowledge then you correct your behavior according to that knowledge."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Minster Farrakhan

Many people are talking about how the hit TV show Power ended a few episodes ago, another group of people are discussing how Ice Cube has taken retired NBA players and created a new league and even created the four pointer. But that’s not it, we also have the boycott of the NFL going on at the same time and other random events and topics.

With all these current discussions and revolutionary acts taking place, there is a new film documentary that has created a buzz as well and although it appears as if the film is being taken lightly, it has many jewels in it that's aimed at empowering us with knowledge. That documentary is titled What The Health and it's currently on Netflix. We want to encourage you to watch it ASAP before it's removed.

There has been some mockery of the film due to its promotion of a plant based diet to improve the quality of our lives and rid ourselves of the current ailments that we are plagued with daily especially in the black community. Although I will share what I got from the documentary at a later time, I want to share with you the importance of understanding what we eat shapes our thinking and our behaviors.

With all the current junk food and GMO (genetically modified organism), and poorly fed animals being brought into our communities. We have to go the extra mile to read what’s in our food so that we can make sure that WE are not being tricked into functioning at a lower rate than our true potential. Let us stop just grabbing what looks good and start reading what’s in our food, snacks and drinks. For example if you want some wholesome bread read the ingredients (never eat bread) if your bread selections has a novel of ingredients and you can't pronounce the words, let alone know what it is, that’s a strong indication that it is not a good choice of bread. The same goes for the rest of the food that we eat. Examine the person whom you believe to have a nasty attitude and see what it is that they are consuming, most likely they are filling up on junk foods and non foods, meaning processed and GMO. We have all heard the saying “ we are what we eat.” Thank you for reading more next issue God willing. 

Fight 4 Life practical application of the week
1) Watch What The Health on Netflix
2) Exercise for 15-30 minutes daily 
3) Send Pasadena Black pages a photo of your vision boards  (if you did them)
4) STOP wasting time 
5) Look in the mirror and have an honest discuss with YOURSELF and be sure to use words of affirmations to encourage yourself to do and BE better. 

Your Brother and Servant
The Wellness Preacher 

So fresh and so clean