Qaadir’ Naqib is the founder of “Fight 4 Life” NO EXCUSES, a non-profit organization that was inspired through his journey of losing weight. He became known as The Wellness Preacher. He has organized numerous events and fundraisers in cities from Pasadena, California to Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015, He was inspired to send a group of youth from his hometown to Washington D.C for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Qaadir', who co-created J.O.E 626, grew up in a single parent home in a neighborhood known for gang violence and drugs. He was able to break free from the chains of his environment and started to mentor young males with a goal of preventing them from going down the wrong path in life. In the fall of 2016, he launched a 12 week manhood training course for young men from ages 8-18.

“I have looked at this … How are you with knowledge better than the one who is a fool, when the end of both is the graveyard? So no matter how much knowledge you have, and even power: When it’s time, your knowledge can’t keep you here, and your power cannot endure. All is vanity."
                                                                                                                                                  Minister Louis Farrakhan


Fight for Life: Vanity Part II

Posted June 22, 2017
By Qaadir Naqib

With all of the technology that we have today, it's easy for us to want to be acknowledged or seek our 15 minutes of fame. The question that we have to ask ourselves is what are we willing to do to be acknowledged and why do we want to be acknowledged? 

Look on social media and you'll see everything from violence to nudity being posted from individuals seeking attention the best way they know how. Then we have those with knowledge, either down-playing those mentioned before. Then we also have the other group of intellectuals that share their intelligence, however, once we commit  to  further investigation, often we will discover that they have not grown pass the lip profession part; meaning they have not applied that which they are so anxious to let others know about what they think they know.

Vanity destroys our ability to do a genuine deed without ill motive for what we do is not hidden from the creator of the heavens and the earth. Therefore He has the right  to withhold our rewards that we would have received if it was a genuine act.

Don't do anything seeking gain. 

Let Us Be Mindful Of What We Are Eating.
Let us be mindful of what we put into our bodies because it plays a major part in our ability to enjoy life as well as our thinking pattern. Stay away from processed foods which is filled with false hopes. Just think about it, if all the food that we eat is fake and it's true that we are what we eat. How can we claim to be real? Life is worth fighting for and that's why our organization is Fight 4 Life: NO EXCUSES. Whatever we want out of life we have to be willing to fight for it.

More next issue God willing.

Wellness Behavior Tips 
1) Never go to bed mad at ANYONE 
2) Work out for 30 minutes a day 
3) Read a positive book (preferably a self help book) for 30 minutes a day 
4) Always give credit to God

Your Brother and Servant
The Wellness Preacher 

So fresh and so clean