With all the things that we are responsible to take care of we often neglect to take care of the machine that we call our body. It is very important that we start to understand the proper way to eat to live so that we can extend our lifespan and the quality of our lives.

Did you know according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reported that over 600,000 people died from heart disease, more than 500,000 to cancer, more than 147,000 have died  from chronic lower respiratory diseases, over 76,000 to diabetes in the 2014 alone.

We have not mentioned many aliments and diseases that come from eating the wrong foods, a lack of exercise, and negative thinking. We would like to encourage you to start small and allow nature to take it's course; you do not have to force it upon yourself to start living a healthier life. By  simply  managing  our  time  a  little  better  we  can  add 30 to 45 

minutes of exercising into our daily routine which would decrease our chances of suffering from any of those diseases we stated above or those that have not been mentioned. It may be hard or seem impossible at first however the reward is PRICELESS!.

If we have time to watch our favorite shows then we have time to exercise, just start working out during each commercial, and if we do not watch T.V but we have time to search the web or make a post let's try doing some form of exercise after or before each time we go online; these are just a few things that we can do. Another thing that we can do is start researching the foods that we are eating. 

We should discover our WHY because this will be our fuel to start and our fuel to keep going, once we begin and start having the thoughts to give up or those thoughts of putting off what we can do today for tomorrow or the next day or next week which will ultimately become that forgotten idea.

So as WE embark on enhancing the quality of our appearance and the quality of our life let's discover our WHY so that we can have what some call that "ace in the whole" or extra motivation to keep going. We should not  run and get a gym membership at this time or go buy a lot of workout clothes or equipment. Let's start by using what we already have, like old tennis shoes that  we  wear once in a while grab those shoes and put on some comfortable clothes and GET STARTED.

Begin by walking around your community, go to a park seeing as in how most new parks have exercise equipment along their trails open to the public, community colleges tracks are usually open to the public and if we have any access to the internet we can use the comfort of our homes to watch exercise videos online. Let us get away from making such claims as we need a workout partner or we're waiting on this person or that person to do this or that, we MUST remove ALL EXCUSES! and start fighting for our lives. What so and so does is for them NOT US! If they eat an apple our body will not get the fiber their body will and if that person does any exercise our body is not going to get the benefits of it.

Start right away do not wait, we should get to it before those diseases get to us. If you are already suffering from any health conditions at this time please consult your doctor so that they can advise you on how to proceed, they should encourage you to improve your health. However once we start to improve our health and start watching what we put in our mouths we are now taking away from their salary so be mindful that we live in a commercialized world and they intend to stay in business.  Next issue God willing we will provide a few foods that we should stay away from as well as a few exercises that we can do. 

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​fight for life: no excuses

Posted Jan 31, 2016
By Qaadir Naqib