Qaadir’ Naqib is the founder of “Fight 4 Life” NO EXCUSES, a non-profit organization that was inspired through his journey of losing weight. He became known as The Wellness Preacher. He has organized numerous events and fundraisers in cities from Pasadena, California to Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015, He was inspired to send a group of youth from his hometown to Washington D.C for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Qaadir', who co-created J.O.E 626, grew up in a single parent home in a neighborhood known for gang violence and drugs. He was able to break free from the chains of his environment and started to mentor young males with a goal of preventing them from going down the wrong path in life. In the fall of 2016, he launched a 12 week manhood training course for young men from ages 8-18.

First I would like to apologize for missing last week's article.

Let us continue to focus on vanity for the next few weeks as this is a very important topic that we must address with urgency.

Recently I was informed that a pastor stepped down from his post so that he can work on some personal matters. Now whatever those issues are is not our concern, but the act that he did was one that many people; especially those in positions of authority, would not have done, especially openly admit that they have stuff to correct. What this pastor did was one of humility and love for his followers and far away from vanity, because vanity would have said, “I don't have an issue. I'm good.” vanity would have said. “I'm the pastor, I can't let this stop me.”

See these are the types of thoughts we have when our false pride is in control.  The worse part about the time that we are living in is that we have to weave out those who are what’s called in scripture wolves in sheep clothing. These individuals appear to be genuine, they do what appears to be genuine and even divine, however their intentions are filled with venom.

Jealousy and envy are characteristics that can't be spotted like anger and sadness, yet they are the root to most of the violence within our communities across the country, besides hate.

As we study vanity it should encourage us to double check our motives for what we do. We live in a time where we rather video record doing good rather than just doing it privately and carrying on with our day. Although filming certain things can encourage others to do good as well, however we should be cautious about it because we don't have to record everything that we do. As times goes on we will begin to see whose intentions where good based off how long they do the work and their progress in the work. That goes for us too. If we genuinely love what we do and our intentions are pure, the results will be tenfold without a doubt. 

Fight 4 Life: No Excuses Practical Application of the Week
Walk at least 15 miles by next Thursday. This can be done in no limit of time.
Don't eat after 8pm and read a self help book of your choice at least 3 days this week for at least 15 minutes.
Do at least one thing you've been avoiding that'll improve your life. 
Call someone you haven't talked to in a while for whatever reason and just see how they doing and if atonement is needed, atone.

Your Brother and Servant
The Wellness Preacher 

So fresh and so clean

Gross vanity, greed, lust and inordinate self-interest have divided the country along the lines of class, race, and sex. We live in one country with two realities, separate and unequal: one rich, one poor; one white, one black; one predator, one prey; one skilled, one non-skilled; one slavemaster, and one slave. 

                                                                                                                                                  Minister Louis Farrakhan


Fight for Life: Gross vanity & greed, Destructive Combination

Posted July 6, 2017
By Qaadir Naqib