With all that is going on in the world today I wanted to write a few words to encourage us to stay focused on the bigger picture. Too often we are distracted by what they (the media) put in our faces for us to look at. From the flood in Houston, the hurricanes in Florida, the NFL and not to mention #45. It appears to me that this man is seriously given the covered racists the courage the uncover and become true to who they are.

It's like on one end you have those who are uncovering themselves and on the other hand we have those who are striving to prove that not all white people are like that, so they are standing stronger than some black people are for justice, freedom and equality. Go back and watch the film Die Hard with A Vengeance and listen closely to the various dialogues that take place, but also pay attention to the plot and overall goal of the so called bad guy.

We must study war and understand that we are at war and that it's time for us to start training ourselves, our loved ones and our community the various forms of survival. Knowing how to fight is one thing, however do you know how to properly store food and water? Do you know why you shouldn't store can goods? What about first aid and CPR? See, we have got to get away from the excuses or the idea that our local state departments are going to be able to get to us in time or even come for us. I urge you to start establishing disaster preparedness training immediately in your local communities so that we can have as many people as possible trained to respond to disasters appropriately.

Go to your local fire department and ask when they will be having their disaster preparedness training. If they don't know or don't offer them. There are people who offer these certified training courses for a fee, which is small for the reward in knowing that you have the adequate amount of people in your area who can respond properly, which is wellness behavior.

Don't lose sight that God is at the wheel during these times, however, all things are real and what that means is that we have to do our part so that we can assist God in destroying this wicked world and government. Let us focus on our wellness more than what they put in our faces.

Once a wise general said to make noise in the east and strike in the west. Think about that the next time you're caught up in any subject matter. I'm not saying don't be aware of what's going on around you or in your country, I'm saying don't get wrapped up in it to where you're drowning and don't know it.

More next issue God willing. 

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Find out how to set up a disaster preparedness training in your community 
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Qaadir’ Naqib is the founder of “Fight 4 Life” NO EXCUSES, a non-profit organization that was inspired through his journey of losing weight. He became known as The Wellness Preacher. He has organized numerous events and fundraisers in cities from Pasadena, California to Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015, He was inspired to send a group of youth from his hometown to Washington D.C for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Qaadir', who co-created J.O.E 626, grew up in a single parent home in a neighborhood known for gang violence and drugs. He was able to break free from the chains of his environment and started mentoring young males with a goal of preventing them from going down the wrong path in life. In the fall of 2016, he launched a 12 week manhood training course for young men from ages 8-18.


Fight for Life: Focus on the Bigger Picture

Posted September 28, 2017
By Qaadir Naqib
"Allah will use the power that is in the earth and in the sea against the world of evil. The White race think that they have control of the power of the earth, sea and air. It was prophesied that for a time they would subdue and have the use of the power of the sea and ocean until He Comes Whose right it is to rule. The heavens and the earth belong to Allah (God). Now it is His time to rule."
                                                                                                                                                             Elijah Muhammad