​ The type of gas that is required for a luxury car is not the same as a non luxury car. In fact, everything that goes on or inside of a luxury vehicle has a higher price tag on it, not because the maker wants to take our money, but to say that the quality of what is on this vehicle is top notch and nothing less. Most luxury cars have shops that specialize in working on only that form of car. That is a lot of dedication to only work on one type of vehicle. Are not our mind, body, and souls more important than any form of material thing rather it be a car, mansions or diamonds?

if you agree with that then you should also agree that we should go above and beyond the call of duty to maintain ourselves so that we can function properly in the best conditions or worst situations that life presents to us. By being aware of the things that are good for us we should do our best to implement it into our lives right away. Once we know that slack talk and gossip will destroy our peace of mind and degrades our quality of life we should do away with it right away, once we are taught that our words have power we should be mindful of what we say about one another and ourselves right away.

Let us start to train our minds to apply the first agreement so that we can produce a community built on truth and love just like God created the universe with truth and love so can we. The human mind is where everything that we have today generated from so let us improve our thinking and reconnect to the creator which will allow us to produce heaven on earth while we live.

More next issue God willing.

Your Brother and Servant
The Wellness Preacher

So fresh and so clean

The words that we shared above comes from a great book called The Four Agreements. We shared with you the first agreement which is be impeccable with our word. We have to be mindful that our words and thoughts travel with power and energy. It is our duty to speak truth and love at all times no matter how ugly things may appear at the time we should train our mind to settle on the best part of ourselves and our community.

Focusing on the negative things in life effects our health and has the ability to eventually kill us. Why should we engage in slack talk and gossip? are there any rewards for sitting up talking about someone else while they are not present to defend themselves. Our ability to improve how we respond to situations can be done if we just change the type of foods that we eat. Our spiritual, mental, and physical foods should be as pure and healthy as possible. If we understood the value of our mind, body, and soul we would do whatever we could to protect it from being damaged or destroyed. 


"Speak with integrity. Say ONLY what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love."
​Don Miguel Ruiz​


Fight for Life: Be Impeccable With Your Word

Posted March 2, 2017
By Qaadir Naqib