​​The police held Brittaney Washington on a 1 million dollar bond for a year until she pled guilty to a gun the police found on Marengo and Painter broken up and scattered in several pieces in several places, including the gutter. Instead of murder.

​The prosecution is trying to connect the gun to the Durango to show cause, even though the gun was reported after the suspects in the car were arrested, not to mention that Marengo and


​​The pursuit ended at Marengo Avenue and Maple Street with Williams running a red light and ramming the Durango into a minivan also occupied by several people, killing Tracey Ong Tan, 25, and Kendrick Ng, 11 of Daly City.

It is against police regulations for officers in an unmarked car to make traffic stops. Afterward, Cordova said that they were following up on a crime that happened days before in another neighborhood, where they had no description of the suspect in that crime. Cordova also stated that he had never had a run-in with Williams, yet he thought Williams and the others in the car looked suspicious. Suspicious looking simply because they were Black. The Durango's tag was ran by the officers before they made the stop and the plates came back clean. No probable cause to make a stop, so they made some up.  A rolling stop.

​Darrell Williams, Jayda Mays, DeMaurius Hanna and Brittaney Washington were all charged with murder. Charges were dropped against Mays and Hannah when 18 year old Mays made a statement referring to Williams as the aggressor in the incident. During the first day of trial she recanted that statement, saying she was scarred because the Pasadena Police interrogators were threatening her with a murder charge when all she was doing was riding in the back seat. "We took off because they jumped out on us like that and we were scared," Jayda told the court.

driving while black murder trial underway

​By Bosco Buchannan

bad conduct incidents and FBI Agent Manizi, who was the officer driving the unmarked police car that started the high speed chase.

​On Christmas night 2012, Pasadena Police Officer Jason Cordova and FBI Agent James Manizi, who were partnered as part of the Safe Streets Task Force (SSTF) observed a Dodge Durango occupied by four Blacks in their late teens and early twenties riding across Claremont near Fair Oaks.  Cordova says that he saw someone in the back seat bend down as they passed on  the  opposite  side  of  the  street.  Cordova

​instructed Manizi ​​​to turn around and follow the Dodge. Later Cordova would say that Darrell Williams' oversized shirt was another reason he decided to pursue the Durango.

​The unmarked car followed the Durango until the officers say they witnessed Williams make a rolling stop at Marengo and Hammond. It was around 8:15pm and dark, yet the officers decided to pull up on the Durango in a black suburban, wearing all black clothing with no badges visible. Guns out, Darrell saw the 6'5 James Manizi's silhouette and made the decision that he had no idea who the two men were with weapons drawn, who had not identified themselves as police officers, so he took off.

Darrell Williams watches as Detective Sanchez testifies.

Oct 29, 2015

The Driving While Black  Murder Trial ended its third day before the jury and the one thing that is clear is the Pasadena Police Department and the FBI made some huge mistakes on Christmas night 2012.​

​Two key witnesses for the prosecution (Detective Brougham and  FBI Agent Manizi) won't be allowed to testify because of either bad police work or even worse police work. Brougham is under    investigation  for   several

Wreckage from the fatal crash.

​Painter is a high crime area and the gun could have come from a number of sources.

One person, Jackie Hilson, who was at a Christmas function that night on Marengo, said she heard something like medal hitting medal as the high-speed chase was going on, but no one else in the house made that claim. Some time after the incident was over, Hilson was going to her car with her daughter to leave and her daughter saw a gun on the curb under the car. She returned to the house and was told by the crown to call 911. That night she told police that maybe the people being chased threw the gun out when they drove by, but she didn't see the car or the pursuit. By the time they came outside, the cars had passed.

Today in court, Jackie recanted her statement and said she couldn't recall what had really happened that night. Excitement got the best of her.

The Pasadena Police are trying to make a murder case during trial. They refuse to admit the major mistakes by Officer Cordova and they are willing to ruin yet another young Black man for they benefit of saving face.

Along with the murder charge, Williams is being charged with assault and as an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, for the gun they found on the street and in the gutter that no one saw Williams possess and that he denies any knowledge of.

​This case should be about vehicular manslaughter instead of murder, because malicious intent and premeditation never existed.

Court continues Monday and the Pasadena Black Pages will be there to report on it.