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Donate to the 2nd Annual Black Lives Matter Toy Drive

​Posted Dec 6, 2017
By Dennis Haywood

Black Lives Matter Pasadena is hosting it's 2nd Annual Toy Drive at La Pintoresca Park.

Jasmine Abdullah and Amber Wilson do a great job with the teens in the neighborhood, but they can't continue to do it alone. They need support, because the kids need it.

There are no community center for the kids to go to. The Robinson Center is being renovated and the city didn't take into consideration where all the kids who frequent the center would go, so a lot of them feel like no one cares about them. As a community, this is our chance to show our future that we care about it. 

The drive will be on for two weekends starting December 9th and  10th from 3-6pm and December 16th and 17th from 3-6pm. 

Please don't let the kids fall by the way side and come out to show that you care. Remember, all kids can't be as fortunate as yours. So when you show yours love during this season of giving, think about the less fortunate.