Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse is a Big Deal

​Posted Oct 4, 2017
By Rochele Jones

​​Most people recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everywhere you go you are encouraged to Think Pink and to also fight like a girl. 

But what if your girl fight wasn't enough to battle the hands of your abuser? October is also Domestic Violence Month but it often gets swept on the rug. Domestic Violence is a big deal. Did you know that 1 in every 4 African American women will experience domestic violence?  Every 9 seconds a women is being battered? 

Every year, more than 3 children witness  domestic violence in their homes. 1.3 million women or assaulted by an intimate partner. Most Domestic Violence incidents are never reported. We must break the silence of Domestic Violence . Take a stand. Raise your voice. Educate yourself on signs and behavior. Show your support. Wear Purple. Send a strong message. Domestic Violence is not okay! And it won't be tolerated in our community. 

Signs of Domestic Violence in a loved one
1. Isolation/ No contact
2. Poor work performance.
3. Low Self Esteem/Depressed
4.  Scattered brain/confused. 
5. Denial/ Excuses
6. Reporting to partner every time they make a move.
7. Seems vulnerable or defeated 
8. Hates partner one day and them a saint the next day.
9.   Stops taking care of their own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs
10. Says that there is nothing wrong when obviously something is wrong.

There are so many more to list but let's just start there. If you know someone who may be battling domestic violence. Try to be an safe haven for them without judgement. 
1. Set up time to talk 
2. Encourage your friend to speak with a professional.
3.  Don't place shame or guilt 
4.  Help make a safety or exit plan
5. Open your doors 
6. If friend wants to stay support them. (It's not easy to walk away)
7. Let friend know your concerned 
8.  Let friend know your always there 
9. Know that you can't save your friend
10. PRAY

If you are reading this and battling Domestic Violence. I want you to know that you are enough. I'm not just picking a subject to write an article about because it's October and the world has decided to wear purple. 

I've had my fair share of wearing purple and sometimes it wasn't  always my clothing. Bruises are purple as well. Domestic Violence will always be near to my heart because I have been down that road before.  


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Although life never seems to slow down I believe positive affirming is a great way to keep a good outlook on things.  I hope you enjoy... Remember we are all bruised but definitely not broken.

Until next time,