2020 Graduates

Delilah Ervin: John Muir High School

​Pasadena Black Pages

Hi, my name is Delilah Ervin. A big part of my life that I recently experienced was turning 18. Turning 18 this January was a huge milestone in my life for the following reasons. I am officially an adult and will have a voice in the upcoming critical elections. First off, I wanna start with being a part-time employee because this made me become more responsible and prepared me for what is to be an adult. For example, I had to start paying for gas, my own phone bill, etc. I thought it would be easy, but now I see why everyone says “stay a kid”! Now I see what it's like to be an adult in the real world. As prom is approaching, I’m getting more and more excited to finally get to experience this once in a lifetime event. Personally, I am glad I’ve stayed dedicated and worked hard to keep my GPA up so that way I am able to attend things like this. Approaching soon after prom is graduation and receiving my diploma is going to be a huge blessing for me. After I’m done with high school I would like to attend a 4-year college to pursue a degree in the medical field.  This  reason  being is 

because I want to be a sports physical therapist or a pharmacist. Coming into Muir officially as a high school student I thought it would be hard, but I stayed focused and determined so that way I can be something later on in life.