Danny and his children

Most people probably don't know that the Fair Oaks Renaissance Center located on the corner of Fair Oaks and Orange Grove is owned by The Bakewell Company. The center is open to the public for free us for meetings and community services. The only time they charge is when people who use it are charging.

We encourage all to take advantage of all that Pasadena has to give, because not many communities have such giving people who really only want to see all African-Americans thrive.

The Los Angeles Sentinel is an African American owned and operated newspaper that puts emphasis on issues concerning the African-American community and it’s readers. Its a highly regarded paper that significantly influences the perceptions, attitudes and buying decisions of it’s readership.

Over it’s existence of more than 70 years, the Sentinel has been awarded hundreds of professional and community service awards, and has been received as a member of all of the nationally recognized Newspaper publishing organizations. The Sentinel is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation, The National Newspaper Association, The National Newspaper Publishers Association, and The California Newspaper Publishers Association to name a few.

The Sentinel is published weekly on Thursdays and boasts a readership of over 125,000. Like a weekly magazine, The Sentinel stays in the home from week to week and is the largest paid African American owned newspaper in the West, having a paid ABC audited circulation.

​​​​​Running multiple successful multi-million dollar companies  isn't something everyone is built for. Danny Bakewell Jr. is the perfect example of what good parenting and mentoring can lead to.

Being born the son of a driven and successful businessman doesn't automatically make their offspring able to be successors, but that isn't the case here. Danny Bakewell Jr. is no Jim Buss and he has not only carried on his family's success, but he has carved his own way with the Los Angeles Sentinel and with a multitude of successful real estate deals and investments.
Born in New Orleans and raised in Inglewood, CA until he was 12, the Bakewells moved to Pasadena where Danny Jr. has been since. He chose to remain in the area and is raising his children in this diverse community. A mentor and philanthropist and a man who truly cares about his community, Danny has paved his own way.


danny bakewell jr: continuing to pave the way

By Dennis Haywood

Also in charge of Bakewell Media and The Bakewell Company, Danny Jr. is looking to expand the Sentinels reach by concentrating more on the digital side of things now. He will never desert his loyal hard-copy subscribers, but he is a progressive thinker, like so many Pasadeneans, so he has a clear understanding of the way the world is going and how the younger generation wants news and information at their fingertips. So be expecting the Los Angeles Sentinel mobile app that is coming soon and the community will be able to get the latest local news pertaining to African-Americans when it happens. 

The conversation Danny had with the Pasadena Black Pages was so honest and transparent that you know he is a good guy with a heart of gold, but he is only one man and he is doing his part to increase the plight of African-Americans in Los Angeles, Pasadena and all over Southern California.