Crystal Jackson: On the Run from Texas to Cali & Back

Posted May 11, 2017
By Dennis Haywood

Pasadena's population has never been over 150,000, yet no matter where you go in America you are likely to see someone who is either from Pasadena or has family in Pasadena. On Facebook there are groups that unite people from Pasadena who live in other places now. One of those areas is Dallas-Fort Worth. and that is where Crystal Jackson has been living for the past 19 years.

Growing up in Pasadena in the 1980's during the crack cocaine era and seeing the destruction the drug left in its path, Crystal grew tired of the same type of men and the same type of lifestyle.  She saw friends and family fall to the drug and she saw so many people she was close to go to prison that she wanted change. That's when she met her future husband, Sekou and life really began for her.  They started their family and decided that for them to have a brighter future, they should move to another place.

Uprooting your family is hard to do. Leaving all who are close to you s even harder, but choosing to pursue something new takes courage and confidence.

I have known Crystal since she was 13 and she has always been confident. So when I heard she was riding from Texas to Pasadena on her motorcycle, i wasn't surprised.

Riding a motorcycle ​for 20 hours is difficult. Crystal rode hers, which is named On The Run and didn't drink water until she got to her step-father's place in Las Vegas, because she doesn't like public restrooms and she knew water would make her want to go. To top it off, when she got to Lake Havasu, the heat rose about 20 degrees and she started to peel layers of clothing to combat the rise in temperature. Crystal survived and once she was settled we were able to sit down with her to talk about life in Texas and her new business, E2P Consulting.

​Crystal offers insurance services from life to auto as well as does consulting to help you with your finances. One of the problems in the African-American community is that we don't pay enough attention to finances and investments.  The services she gives are available to you no matter where you live, because they are nationwide. So just because Crystal lives in Texas, she is a Dena Girl at heart and her company is open for you. 

As many of you read this she will be back on her bike riding back to Texas, but she'll be back, because this is really home.