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Could Indicted Pasadena LT. Gourdikian Be The Reason for so many guns being on the streets?

Posted March 6, 2018
By Bosco Buchannon

I was driving home from the Pasadena High School CIF basketball championship games, which the Bulldogs loss, to the sound of a helicopter hovering over my neighborhood.  After about twenty minutes I drove around the corner to the sight of police lights and caution tape. When I got there an independent videographer was on the scene and explained that someone had been shot. My interest was sparked because I know who the owner of the apartments is and my concern was for him.  I made a few calls and found out that he was okay and the residence of the complex only heard the shots. By the time they came out the 39-year-old, ex Pasadena resident who now lives in Las Vegas had been shot was on the ground alone. Seeing the crime scene make me ask myself if indicted Pasadena Police Lt. had anything to do with the gun used in the incident.

In 2016 over 270 guns were confiscated in the City of Pasadena and that doesn't count the guns the 100 guns now indicted Pasadena Police Lt. Vasken Gourdikian had in his Sierra Madre home. Around 250 of the guns were found in Northwest Pasadena. That is way too many guns to be in one community, especially when you think about how many guns they didn't confiscate. 

We are necessarily talking about gang violence and shootings. The Pasadena Police would like to make the people of the community believe that the gang problem is intense in the city, but that's not the case. The gang shooting in December 2016 and January 2017 were aberrations, not the norm. But the fact that so many people have illegal guns is a problem. The fact that we don't know yet if Lt. Gourdikian was selling illegally to the residence. We know for a fact that he is under the gun for illegally selling guns according to his federal indictment. While Gourdikian was being investigated by the Feds, 8 men from Pasadena were coincidentally targeted and caught by the Pasadena Police heading to Duarte allegedly to retaliate for the three killings with over a dozen guns.

There is a possibility that the PPD has directly had their hand in a lot of violence in the city, by playing both sides of the fence. If you make sure guns are on the streets and you know where they are, you can make it seem like work is being done, but really its camouflage to keep the numbers right.

The fact that Lt. Gourdikian is on paid leave after Pasadena Police Cheif Sanchez said he would deal with this differently, speaks volumes. They will always protect their own no matter what the circumstances. As a community, we must raise our voice and combat this. We are as taxpayers paying for a criminal with a badge to smoke cigars on the golf course until the Federal Government decides his fate. It could take years and he makes over $100,000 a year.  Honestly, I doubt he will go to prison, but I don't want to have to pay him to wait and see. If he was selling guns illegally, he's judged as a criminal by the police under normal circumstances.

Scene of March 3, 2018 shooting