Coronavirus Has Forced Us To Become Families Again

Posted April 6, 2020
By Asha Smith

​​​​The coronavirus pandemic has forced most to stay home on days they would usually be at work and school. Most American families only spend 1 hour together during the week because of everyone's schedules. This has made families pay attention to one another since the kids still have school work to do and whether the parents are working from home or are just home all day, families are becoming closer.

I was out jogging this week and I saw entire families out on walks or playing catch in the street. Kids are out riding bikes and playing because even though we live in the digital age, these kids and parents just want to get outside sometime and they are doing it together now.

Parents are cooking and helping their kids with schoolwork. I met one father and son who were working on a car in their driveway. I stopped and asked if he was teaching his son about mechanics and he said he always wanted to teach the boy about the basics of keeping a car running and car maintenance, but he works on the weekends and they never get to spend any time together. He has an old Mustang he's been restoring, so now he and his son are doing it together. He told me that if the stay home order lasts another month, they will have the car up and running and it will be the first project he's been able to complete with his son's assistance. 

Families are making Tik Tok videos, dancing together and taking life and their time together seriously because of the uncertainty of the outcome of all this. Fear always makes us reevaluate things and this life-threatening situation has us all on edge, but that edge has made us put family first for the first time in a long time.

The pandemic is real, but the family is more real and sometimes things have to happen to make us realize that nothing is more important than family and making sure your family is safe.

During this downtime, become closer to the people you love, because the one thing coronavirus has shown us is that it doesn't care who it attacks and time is precious.