The Pasadena Police Department has received complaints of drinking, drug use and inappropriate sexual activity at La Pintoresca Park during all times of the day. The activity has prevented community members from using the park and as a result, beginning Tuesday night(July 14th) the police department will be increasing enforcement patrols in the area of the park to deter similar activity and thus, allow others to use the City facility.

Chief John Perez said, “Residents and community members have been afraid to use La Pintoresca Park because of other’s inappropriate and unlawful acts while in the park. It is unfair that community members, who have been limited from leaving their homes because of the recent safer at home orders, do not feel safe enjoying the city park because of illegal activities such as alcohol consumption, drug use, public acts of sex and other crimes. It is my responsibility to bring back a safer environment where families and community members feel comfortable using this valuable city resource. The Police Department will be aggressively enforcing the park both during the daytime and after the park has been closed.”


Community Complaints the Cause for More Police Presence at La Pintoresca Park

​Posted July 10, 2020
By Bosco Buchannon