Co-workers Honor Horace Wormely for 37 Years of Service

Posted August 30, 2018
By Bosco Buchannon

Everyone doesn't get the send-off Pasadena Human Services and Recreation Director Horace Wormely did from his peers. After 37 years of serving the community of Pasadena, this Alabama native is retiring to began the next phase of his life.

His co-workers reserved space at Eden Garden and showed Horace that they all really appreciated him and the way he ran his department. They mingled over drinks and had a delicious dinner as Horace took in all of the love. 

Being a good boss is hard. Running such a diverse department can get tricky if one bad seed finds its way in, but Horace clearly has a team around him who looks out for each other and will crush that bad seed before it can grow. Being a good boss is a gift that Horace used to the utmost. Replacing him will be hard, but that person was guided by Horace, so he left us in some more good hands. 

He expressed that he will still be around and we know that to be true because he is a real man about the community. 

Thank you Horace Wormely for your service.