Chef Andrea Drummer Makes History by Opening America’s First Cannabis Café

​Posted January 23, 2020
By Robin Mosley 
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In West Hollywood, customers can find a legal cannabis food spot, called Original Cannabis Cafe, owned by chef Andrea Drummer, making it the first in the country. This cafe is not for everyone, because in order to get a chance to eat at this cafe, customers must be 21-years-old to enter and can only stay for an hour and a half to keep reservations flowing. To say this cafe is popular is an understatement, it is also genius.

Lowell Cafe is not a gimmick — because while having the chance to smoke cannabis is a draw, the food is equally important, and will keep people coming back to the cafe. According to the Los Angeles Times, guests can enjoy the service of a flower host or a “budtender” who will walk you through a cannabis guide that will essentially make your order suited to your tastes. What makes this café unique is that they use flavor profiles found in different strains of cannabis.