Hollis says he depleted all of his earnings to bond out and pay attornies from the Geragos & Geragos law firm. Hollis claims that Geragos charges him $100k to go to trial. Hollis was short of the cash, so he gave Geragos two 1965 Mustangs in mint condition and 3 Patek Phillipe watches worth up to $500k. Hollis says that after Geragos received the payment items, Geragos tried to force Hollis to enter a plea of guilty for a 5-year sentence and a $14 million direct payment to the family of the accident. The payment would be split between the family and Geragos.

He says Geragos then sent Hagop Kuyumjin to substitute and stand in on court dates and relay to Hollis that the plea would consist of him writing an affidavit that his son, Hit-Boy gave him the keys to the 745i BMW to drive the night of the crash, so the victims lawyers could sue Hit-oy for $14 million for negligence.

After Hollis refused to sign the affidavit, he claims Geragos demanded $75,000 more to take the case to trial after he had already been paid handsomely. So Hollis was forced to represent himself at trial and was denied the right to introduce evidence to prove his innocence. An OnScene TV employee, Jeremy Riven videotaped the men who chased and shot at Hollis in the 745i in attempts to rob him after a performance at Brookside Park in Pasadena. Riven sold the footage to KTLA 5. Hollis reviewed the footage but was refused the right to shoe the footage to the jury during the trial, which would have proved that the highway patrol officer was wrong when he stated that he secured the scene and no one in the other car tried to rob Hollis.

Subsequently, a jury at the Van Nuys court found Hollis guilty of being the driver in the 2016 incident, but recently a woman named Lameysha Bell has come forward with an affidavit confessing to being the driver on the night the men were shooting and chasing them.

Hollis says Bell also confessed that she was hysterical and was only driving reckless to avoid being shot which led to the crash on the northbound 101 freeway. She claims she was driving and a woman named Jennifer was in the passenger seat and Bit-Hit was seated in the back. After the crash, they all immediately jumped out of the car and over the rails, fleeing from the shooters to save their lives. 

According to Hollis, the shooters were videotaped going inside the BMW after the crash where they took over $40,000 in cash.

Recently, Big-Hit filed a habeas corpus, attaching the affidavit of Lameeysha Bell's confessing to being the driver and that Hillis is being falsely imprisoned.

Hollis claims that Judge Richard Kirscher, who denied Hollis the right to introduce the video evidence, is now refusing to release Hollis, even after reviewing the proof of his innocence. Hollis feels that Kirscher, who has delayed the release hearing three times since November 2018, knowing that Hollis will be released. We spoke to several of his fans and they plan to rally in front of the Van Nuys court whenever he is placed on the docket in an attempt to make the judge hear the case and set Hollis free.

Music artist Chauncey "Big-Hit" Hollis for the song, Grinding All My Life, was on the rise when he was arrested for a hit and run and reckless driving charge to which he claims his innocence. Hollis says he has been falsely imprisoned for over 4 years now. 

Hollis claims to have been robbed of his life and liberty, and his musical career has basically stalled all the way out. Hollis has relationships with huge artists such as Jay-Z and Timberland. His relationship with his son, Grammy award-winning producer Hit-Boy (Racks in the Middle) has been strained as well.​​

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IS Chauncey BigHit Hollis Being Railroaded by the System and attornies

​Posted August 20, 2019
By Dennis Haywood