A Native Pasadena girl, with big dreams, Chalay Chandler has done everything from being a background dancer for a local artist to performing Improv comedy throughout Los Angeles. She is basically a happy person by nature, so she wanted to create her own company where she could not only make people happy but also make a living doing it. RockPaperCreate was born and Chalay is putting her heart into all that she creates. She creates not only hilarious creating cards, but she has everything you can order from Vista Print. She has magnets, crafting supplies, notepads and more.

Chalay is naturally upbeat and pleasant and her personality comes out in all of her creations? She caters to adults for the most part. A lot of her humor is edgy but really funny and the cards are filled with laughter for all occasions. 

Before she started making cards, she used to buy tons of them. She could spend an hour in Hallmark, perusing the aisles, reading all the hilarious, sentimental and thought-provoking cards, but noticed that at times things she wanted to say you could never find in your typical brick and mortar store and decided to start making her own. If you ever need any special stationary created or the perfect card for someone special, try RockPaperCreate and give Chalay a try. 

She will take personal request and turn your vision or thoughts into reality in the form of a card or rubber stamp or notebook tablet, she can make it all for you.

There is nothing like a personal touch and she is at your disposal. Visit her website https://www.etsy.com/shop/RockPaperCreate


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Chalay Chandler: Card Maker for Every Occasion

Posted March 15, 2018
By Asha Smith

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