Cathrine James: The Sensational Woman

Posted May 14, 2018
By Asha Smith

Author Cathrine James is a dynamic Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Often described as no non-sense, Cathrine is a quiet storm who has turned many tragedies into triumphs. She has an ability to identify and simplify complex issues in both the workplace and in one’s personal life. 

Using hero nonsense, can-do approach, Cathrine has helped women and organizations change their thinking and performance from defeated to determined, mediocrity to mastery and from stuck, to sensational. As a result of Cathrine’s training programs, seminars or coaching women and organizations have enhanced their leadership, communication, relational and conflict resolution skills.

As a young girl, Cathrine knew she was created to make a difference in the world. However, like many,

Prior to becoming a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, Cathrine spent more than 25 years climbing the corporate ladder and fulfilling various management positions. As Supervisor, Assistant Manager and Quality Assurance Manager in the insurance industry, Cathrine managed and coached hundreds of individuals, created training materials, conducted training and acted as a liaison for large public entities and Fortune 500 companies.

Cathrine often found herself acting as the sounding board for her family and friends; helping them through their challenges with words of encouragement. Through these conversations, Cathrine came to realize that helping, motivating and inspiring others was not only what she loved to do but it was what she was created to do.

Cathrine attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate for Small Business
Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Phoenix. She also holds certificates for Success Coaching, Financial Coaching, and counseling for women. Cathrine received her Coaching certification from Coach Training Alliance in 2008. She has received multiple certifications since then with the last being in 2016 where she received a certification from The John Maxwell Team. Cathrine has now studied personal and professional development for 18 years.

Cathrine is an international best selling author. She is married with two children and resides in the Los
Angeles area. When not with family, she spends her time developing workbooks and workshops in the areas of leadership, personal development, and financial literacy.