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Cards By Ms. James Made Especially For You

Posted March 28, 2017
​By Asha Smith

When interviewing someone you never know what you'll learn. What i learned from ethnic card designer Tara James, owner of By Ms. James is that there are only around 55 African-American bookstores and libraries in the United States. 

With it being so hard foe black people to get their products into mainstream outlets, it would be easy for Tara to give up and go another route, but she isn't relying solely on that big break. The cards she makes are geared towards us and she is unapologetically motivated to reach her people and reintroduce them, you, us to some of our lost and forgotten culture. Simple things that we tend to overlook or take for granted. She reminded me that although some things may go overlooked, our culture is basically the same all over America. We all started in the south and the traditions that started there are still prevalent today.

Born in Austin, TX Ms. James has been in California half her life and she just recently moved to Pasadena, where she already has laid roots. This mother of a son, knows the importance of self knowledge and her way of expressing that is through her art, and although she isn't formally trained,, it is evident to see in her work that she is gifted and thorough in her presentation.

Even though she has only been in business for a little over a year, By Ms. James cards are in high demand. 

She also is able to do customized cards for any occasion or event. Since she does her own drawing and her concepts are amazing, she will be able to add that extra touch to your event that will make you standout from the rest. 

We know you all have some last minute Christmas cards to send out, so hit Tara up today and make someones day a special one.