This past Saturday on March 3, 2018 Black female business owners attended the workshop, For the Love of Social Media, hosted by Kreative Eye Design owner Teanna LaNise and Royalty Creations owner Rochele Jones.  The day was full of information and as the only man in the room, it was uplifting for me to see how progressive and giving these ladies were. I can honestly say that they all want the others to succeed in business and life.

The workshop was educational on how to make social media platforms work for and make your business more successful. They covered everything from Facebook to SnapChat and went over all of the things businesses, especially small businesses need to use the existence of social media as your best marketing tool.

There were testimonials from several women after the event about what they learned and how they can't wait to come back together to stay updated and refreshed on the do's and don'ts about social media.

For some reason, no men signed up for the workshop. I know several Black male business owners, but the interest of expansion through social media wasn't on none of their agendas. Personally, I know that these ladies know what they are talking about because they have helped the Pasadena Black Pages expand tremendously through branding, getting on more platforms, email blasts and more.

Business in 2018 is being run differently and social media is the largest tool available to business owners. You may think your business has the presence you want, but continued education is the key to success in business. Hopefully next time some men will start to take advantage the way women do. 

Most of the small Black businesses you see on social media being pushed are owned by women and the women at the workshop ranged from an attorney to a very progressive young artist to caterers. Rochele and Teanna plan to hold other workshops in the future and you won't want to miss any of them.

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Business-minded Women Showed up for The Love of Social Media Workshop, but where were the men?

Posted March 5, 2018
By Dennis Haywood