community leadership

​Brandon lamar: mentor, activist and leader on the rise

By CJ Horton

Radical, Compassionate, Innovative, and Transparent are some of the words often used to describe Brandon D. Lamar. Brandon Lamar is a Young innovator with an expertise at the intersection of youth engagement, youth and crime, mentoring, and motivational speaking. Since his teen years, Brandon has dedicated his time and energy working to ensure young people have a seat at the table. Being a part of community programs such as Pasadena Youth Ambassadors, Pasadena Youth Council, Vision 20/20, Neighborhood Outreach Workers, and more has kept him busy. At the age of 23, Brandon is the Third Vice President of the Pasadena NAACP Branch, A committee member of the Vision 20/20 Initiative, A soon to be Author of two books, And a motivational speaker.

 Brandon has developed strategies and advises brands and community youth groups on innovative ways to educate, engage and activate youth to solve social issues. Children’s Defense Fund, Tavis Smiley Foundation, Red Cross, U.S Department of Labor, Nike, Power 106, Los Angeles Sparks, And California Homeless count are some of the brands he has partnered with over the years. Whether it’s developing curriculum to teach how to engage youth, creating a mentoring program such as (Young Gents) for teen boys and working with Youth Groups around the Country to engage youth, Brandon has done it.

​Tavis Smiley has named him one of America’s top 100 young leaders. Brandon has been featured as an expert in LA Times, ABC, NBC, FOX, Pasadena NOW, Pasadena Star News and more. From opening events for Maya Angelou to teaching pre-teens, teen, and young adults across 15 States, Brandon’s journey to spark change among millennials around the world is only beginning. When you hear his testimony you will know that God has always had his hand on Brandon’s life. He admits that he made some mistakes: “Every person God ever called is flawed, and so many times we try to hide our issues.” This grounded understanding of where he has come from gives Brandon an unusually sensitive empathy, love, and passionate desire to empower people to achieve their highest potential. This is what allows him to connect with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

​An active member of Save Black Boys, Brandon is what's needed in our community from our young adults. He ids driven to make a difference and he is determined to reach all of his goals.