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A branding experience is all the interactions people have with a product, service, or organization.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Not For Profit Symposium hosted by Auaja Lovest the Founder and CEO of The Chrysalis Transformation.

I met Auaja at our Recycling Black Dollars Business Mixer last month where she was informing everyone about the Not for Profit Symposium. After speaking with Auaja you will come to realize that she has a passion and is on a mission to serve. One of the main reasons for coming up with the idea to host the event was because she found that when she was gathering information on how to start a Not For Profit (Non-Profit) Organization the information provided was misleading and/or it didn’t capture everything that one should know prior to starting one. One of the main misleading concepts people think about non-profits is that you’re not supposed to make any money. Non-Profit organizations are businesses at the end of the day, they are just able to benefit from various tax exemptions based on their mission and/or vision and understanding those exemptions to help benefit and aid the organization as well as benefit and be a resource to the community they serve.

The speaker line-up was incredible.

Stephanie Wells-Walper, spoke about how to better position yourself to get in position to receive grants. The wealth of information provided was powerful. Stephanie has worked with several Non-Profit Organizations and has helped raise over $100 Million for companies such as the LA Expo Center, The YMCA, Girls Scouts, The Foundation for Fighting Blindness and The Los Angeles Philharmonic. She shared tips and the mindset of grantors and what they are looking for in the perfect Not For Profit organization they'd like to work with and gift grant money to. Learn more about Stephanie and her work here: http://friendsOfExpo.org

Catherine Francis spoke to 20 years of experience in Business Development working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Working with organizations, such as, Coca Cola, Payless, Lamps Plus, and the Girl Scouts just to name a few. Such a wealth of knowledge, she detailed how and why your Not For Profit can reap the benefits of a Fortune 100 by having a solid mission and thinking big! Learn more about Catherine and her work here: www.CMFGlobal.com

Doreen Wong was unforgettable. She spoke to how important it is to be an example as the head of an organization and how helping your employees reach their dreams can benefit company morale. In 2006 Doreen became the youngest and first female CEO for a non-profit providing employment training services to 200 adults with developmental disabilities. Her organization had an operating budget of $3.7 million, employing over 75 full-time and part time employees across 5 campuses with its main campus is located in a 22,000 square foot warehouse located in Downtown Los Angeles. Then just four years later she began working as the Executive Director of a Youth Center with an operating budget of $8 Million. (Insert mouth drop) Ms. Wong spoke to the importance of how thinking outside of the box and not being afraid to do something unique can put you in situations you couldn't have imagined, and why you never take business relationships for granted.

AnGele Cade is a consulting expert, who has over two decades of experience creating Corporate Structures with your end result in mind. At Exec On The Go, AnGele serves as the Executive Director over-seeing and implementing EOG’s strategic direction and client engagement. EOG's main goal is to position themselves as the partner of choice for business formation, business and marketing consulting services and business strategy. AnGele got straight to point, protect yourself first. She provided great details on why it's important and imperative for business owners to protect themselves while creating and navigating their various business journey's no matter the structure. She touched on how small mistakes can cost you big – just because you didn’t know, and how it’s important to invest in certain services to ensure the process is fully completed and properly done the first time. Learn more about AnGele and her work here:www.ExecOnTheGo.com

Sandra Moore a local AllState insurance agent spoke briefly on how Becoming Her Own Boss has changed her outlook on the importance of having insurance and protecting everything in your universe. Sandra's goal is to educate and change the conversation and perspective of how people view insurance; It's an investment not an expense. Learn more about Sandra and her work here: Moore Insurance For You

The Keynote Speaker Kandee Lewis shut it down! She spoke about her journey to becoming the Executive Director of The Positive Results Corporation, a non-profit whose mission is to address Bullying, Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Assault in Youth and Communities of Color. Kandee was magnetic and unforgettable, her story is remarkable. Her personality shined and you understood how and why this woman has been so successful. She connects and keeps it 100, a magnetic Trainer, Facilitator and Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Advocate. Building relationships, staying humble, driven and engaged has allowed Kandee to work and partner with elected officials, local businesses and County Agencies to help her share her gift, spread the mission of PRC and ultimately change lives and instilling in the attendees that we can do the same. Learn more about Kandee and her work here: www.prc123.org

In a nutshell: Never take your business relationships for granted, stay engaged, stay humble, do great work, think outside of the box, value what you bring to the table, don’t be afraid to do something different, inspire others and protect yourself and your assets..

This is a long blog post, I know but I just could not wrap these Women up in one paragraph. The information, expertise and stories these ladies shared spoke to the heart of what non-profit work is all about at the end of the day. It's about vision, purpose and service. They all had this one thing in common: authenticity and how remaining true to yourself will open up opportunities and foster partnerships you couldn’t even imagine. Non-Profit Organizations are Corporations that make money while changing lives in the process. If you were in the City of Pasadena this past weekend and missed this event you missed something truly special. People pay tons of thousands of dollars to have access to the wealth of information these ladies poured out. I was honored to be in a room full of magic. They have accomplished so much and they have changed the lives of many.

If you’re thinking of starting or revamping your non-profit organization attending events like this, connecting with women who have done it, and successfully many times over will change your life. It changed mine. I was a vendor at the event and had the opportunity to share how I help entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and small business owners alike take the frustration out of branding themselves and marketing their products and services. I was there willing and ready to learn and to soak up all that they poured out. I spoke briefly and gave away my E-Book: Unleash Your Inner BrandSlayer – Create and Slay Your Brand with These 5 Tips. You can also grab your copy here:Click Here

The Chrysalis Transformation is a non-profit helping at-risk youth and adults transition back in society from the foster care system, prison and other situations. For more information about the organization contact Auaja Lovest.

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