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black nurses association looking to make an impact

By Veronica Loving

The National Black Nurses Association is an organization started in 1971 in Cleveland Ohio. The goal of the NBNA was to improve the health status of Black people in the United States and to open nursing education and leadership positions for African Americans. They are proud to announce that  a chapter is starting in the San Gabriel Valley to enhance and address the needs of our local community. There was an initial meeting on Friday March 4th in Pasadena. The meeting was hosted by  Tamera Street. Her Company, Novo Nordisk Inc. presented a wonderful guest speaker who provided an educational program for the nurses in attendance.

The nurses brainstormed and came up with some great ideas for the future of the SGV chapter were excited about getting started. The common thread among the nurses was their passion to mentor young nurses and nurses-to-be and to also to be a strong visible presence for our youth. The nurses are excited about fund raising and giving scholarships to nursing students. They plan to collaborate with other organizations in the area to work together for change.

The SGV chapter has until March 15th to submit their application for the initiation. The SGV NBNA welcomes any nurse who is interested in joining. The more the better.