Over the weekend the R. Kelly docuseries was the topic of many intense conversations. It was very disturbing for me to watch but I watched it all twice because I wanted to see if I could get a better understanding of what goes on in the mind of a serial pedophile. When it was all said and done I came to the conclusion that R. Kelly is a monster and us as a society let him and continue to let him get away with the rapings of little Black girls.

What was the most surprising and disappointing part of the conversations was when I saw so many Black men and women divert the moral responsibility of a grown man and blame it on the hot young girls who wanted the star who has a deep hatred of Black women inside.

Not only were people bringing up others who are fighting sexual assault and rape cases, but they were saying we all knew about R. Kelly for decades so it shouldn't be such a big deal now. People said he needs help and the parents should have been more involved in the girl's lives. Women were saying young girls have always been chasing older men and when they were in high school they were messing with 20-something-year-old men not realizing that they were being statutorily raped. 22 year-olds shouldn't be combing high school parking lots. 

When I hear men question the young girls and try to divert the conversation, they are probably rapist themselves and see nothing wrong with what's going on regularly. 

I had a conversation with one of my friends on Facebook who had a child at a young age by an older guy and she just came to the realization that she had been raped. Her daughter is 34 now and she is 50. Her daughter's father is now close to 60. He used to pick her up from school every day and moved her into the house with his mother when she got pregnant at 15. It took him going to prison for many years for her to get away from him and have a normal functioning relationship. So many people failed her at an early age. Luckily she was strong and became productive in life, but that's not the ending in most cases of statutory rape.

We have to start believing and protecting our Black women. We have to stop questioning them when they scream rape. We have to start stopping those foul relationships when we see them. It's not okay to turn a blind eye to sexual abuse when Black women have been being raped since we were brought to this country. They are our most precious commodity and they are the backbone of our families.

We must protect them and hold pedophiles accountable in our communities. The predatorial activity must be addressed and dealt with.


Black Men Have a Responsibility to Protect Our Girls

Posted January 7, 2019
By Bosco Buchannon