Birdie Tussle Raises Over $10,000 for Muir & PHS

Posted Nov 6, 2017
By Stan Fan

114 golfers came out to participate in the 5th Annual Birdie Tussle Golf Tournament at Brookside Golf Club, Friday morning before the Turkey Tussle. The tournament brings alums from Pasadena and John Muir High Schools together to compete in a round of golf to kick off Turkey Tussle and reunion weekend.

The alumni associations from both schools are always heavily active Pepsi is always a big giver to this event. This year there were over 40 tee signs bought and the businesses and people who participated are greatly appreciated, because the tournament couldn't happen without the community getting involved.

The morning started with the golfers meeting and greeting each other over breakfast sponsored by the Pasadena Hilton Hotel. Every year people see friends and rivals they haven't seen in decades. Some use this new annual to see the same people and all players donate to the schools.

John Muir won the overall and team honors for the second year in a row, but this day was not really about winning or losing, it was about giving and school spirit. The Birdie Tussle is the perfect example of what makes Pasadena a unique city in so many ways. The diversity of the group of men and women is Pasadena's hand-print and genuine camaraderie and competitiveness is what has fueled this high school rivalry for over 70 years. ​The participates ranged from professional athletes and CEO's to school teachers and local business owners, to police officers and city politicians. 

This year had more golfers than last year, but we need to do even better next year and in the years to come. The kids can really use the things they spend the money on. The funds are given to the school and used for what's most needed, but a portion is always specifically for the football programs.

  Members of the winning foursome from John Muir, sponsored by Mijares restaurant

Photo by Rick Dones