Being a business owner is hard. Being a Black-owned business is even harder. So going into it Dwight Ferguson knew he had his work cut out for him when he decided to step out on his own and take complete control of his life.

The barbershop is called Nu Wave and it is located in Hopkins Village, which is a Black-owned complex located on the corner of Lake Avenue and Howard Street. It's a beautiful thing when we don't have to look to others for the opportunity to become successful. 

From the day the doors opened, JD Duncan has been there with Dwight. The two men have dug their feet in and are ready and willing to remain stable until the shop becomes what they envision. 

The environment is positive and JD is sure to keep you laughing. He told me he tried stand-up before but realized his stage was in the barbershop. So now he keeps it live in the shop. 

Look for big and different things to go on at Nu Wave including a video tournament sometime this summer. The TV is always on and the discussion is always real at Nu Wave,  so if you don't have a barber or you're looking for a new one, check them out.

There also have booth stations available for barbers and beauticians at a great rate.


Big Things Going on at Nu-Wave Barbershop

Posted July 3, 2018
By  Bosco Buchannan