​The space is here. All of you who need space to create, want to shoot videos, host an exhibit or teach your own class, Sister Support is the community to join.  Contact Natalie for more details.​

to explain, because of its freedom. Since Sister Support’s vision is to support the three basic needs of all women: the need to self-actualize, the need to leave a legacy, and the need to experience love, that is the best way to describe The Warehouse on Prime.

Natalie on the other hand is much more complicated. Beauty, happiness and confidence is what you get from her. I’ve been in her presence twice and her energy is real. Her passion for poetry and to teach is real. Her love of empowering women is real and she speaks with authority.


Natalie Patterson: The Voice of Beauty 

Posted Oct 26, 2016
By Asha Smith

Photo by: Angelo Kritikos

The Warehouse on Prime is what can be called a jewel in this community. It is home of Sister Support, a non-profit organization which seeks to empower women, female entrepreneurs, and artists to realize their greatest potential by providing mentorship, educational resources, and funding.

1402 Prime Street in Pasadena is also one of the greatest places locals con go to and be free to express themselves. The loft is huge and when you walk into it you automatically feel refreshed and creative. I guess the best way to describe it is as a creative space, because when it's proprietor, Natalie Patterson was approached by the founder of Sister Support and was asked what her dream was and, Natalie's reply was,"To have space." She was told to find it and she knew this was the right location as soon as she stepped through the doors of the rarely used space.

Now she has turned it into a place that is really hard  

​Midwest born, she was raised in and around Los Angeles while attending the South Pasadena schools, eventually making her way up the hill to Pasadena. Natalie has claimed the title artist and full time Poet for the past 12 years. She has traveled the country teaching and performing at over 200 universities, colleges and high schools.  Poetry is the lens she sees life through, which supports her work as a teaching artist.  Natalie leaves no topic untouched from inspiration to social justice and everything in between.  She was the first female producer and host of the nation's largest poetry venue (Da’ Poetry Lounge) and has worked extensively in non-profit, education and with major brands like Sephora and SoulPancake. Natalie Patterson is currently Vice President of Sister Support. ​ She creates live events for public consumption while teaching and performing throughout the country. Natalie is always working on developing new content to encourage audiences to think more deeply and love more boldly.