Altadena naacp film screenig & discussion provokes great conversation

February 26, 2016

​The Altadena branch of the NAACP hosted a screening & discussion on the Dr. Darnell Lamont Walker documentary Seeking Asylum​, the story of three African-Americans travelling to Europe to seek asylum from the United States. The film shows how the world has a great misconception of this country.

Nicole Ford, President of the Altadena chapter was a college classmate of Dr. Walker's and she was able to get him to come out and provoke the conversation for the evening, which got a little testy at times, but the dialog was needed.

​The community really showed up and once the film was concluded and the question & answer period began, the concern for Black lives in the room grew.  Mothers spoke of concern about their sons growing to become honorable men. All views were welcomed and respected.

​At one point someone mentioned the fact that there were no White people at the event and how throughout American history there have always been White supporters for the cause. That led to the discussion turning to segregation and the problems it created by us allowing others to teach our children when they really don't want to.

​This was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future of race relations in the United States. Young people need to be more involved with the NAACP and other active organizations, because the time is coming and there will be another uprising.