​​would loose track  of  time  doing  so. That’s when I noticed I found my passion and that it’s was in me all along just waiting to pour out."

Gregory Thompson has had an interest in art and photography since a very early age; with an artist’s eye, he has always had an appreciation for beautiful things. He has a keen awareness that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so identifying beauty that is acceptable to everyone is an unobtainable feat. Accepting that as a fact allowed me to focus on creating art that is beautiful and pleasing to me. If others like it too, then that would be wonderful.

"My journey as an artist has been one of learning, perseverance, and creative evolution," Derrick Dzine explained. "I bring poetry about my experience to life with a unique style called Spoken Artwork. Brought up in New York, South Carolina and the Inland Empire, I have been exposed to an eclectic mix of people who have inspired and guided my experimentation with several art-forms, which complete my circle and cycle of daily inspiration."

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The July Art Exhibit at the Alkebulan Cultural Center features four outstanding artist, one of which is Pasadena born and raised Jamal Myers. All four artists have unique style of art they will be displaying.

Sobukwe Toure is an artist and writer from Long Beach, California. His love for photography was found while working as Staff Writer/Sports Editor for Talon Marks News (Cerritos College). In the beginning he found interviewing, writing and photographing for his own articles to be quite challenging but in short time, passion was discovered. Sobukwe began styling and shooting his own fashion editorials in 2012 in preparation for art school. 


Alkebulan Art Exhibit is Becoming Something Special

​Posted July 28, 2016
By Dennis Haywood

He started painting on canvas in 2015 as a way to connect with colors and texture. Over the past 3yrs, it’s been a daily hobby to research and study abstract artists, photographers and all other relatable inspirations for insight. That focus will continue this fall as he finishes his college degree program in Photography and Imaging.

​"Born and raised in Altadena. I’ve always had a knack for art whether it was painting model cars, shoes making t-shirts or bleaching jeans", Jamal told the Pasadena Black Pages. "It all came together when I took my first art class in college. Color composition and two dimensional design. Learning color putting shapes, lines and texture together really caught my attention. Along with my homework I started to create pieces on the side just for fun. With no premeditated thought, I would create abstract pieces and 

Pasadena born and raised artist Jamal Myers will be on display.