This BBQ sauce has been around since 1999. Its finally being sold nationally, jump on and enjoy the ride as we change what real Bbq sauce should taste like. Open the bottle and pour it on and enjoy a hearty sauce on top of your BBQ dishes.

Upon receiving rave reviews from the company commander and staff, they decided to go for it. An article was written about the sauce in the Japan Update in 2001. Upon receiving orders to Perris Island, South Carolina, Achilles and Aubry started Wacheur 6 LLC. and started to manufacture their sauce in a Kitchen in Pollyanna, SC selling it out the back of their SUV. Again receiving rave reviews from staff and friends they attempted to start selling bottles but were interrupted by yet another change of duty station in 2003. When Achilles retired in 2014 he decided he could finally settle down and start the BBQ sauce business. In 2015 Wacheur 6, LLC, was again started in San Jacinto, California and J&T’s is now manufactured in Murrietta, CA.

like  lemon juice or honey add brown sugar to make it taste better. 

​Well, after adding spices and other flavors into the BBQ sauce they bought from the store, they started putting their own ingredients together and finally came up with a BBQ sauce of our own. "After my wife's persistence to make the sauce and cook for the local tenants in the apartment , she suggested we bottle it up and sell it since we were receiving awesome reviews from friends. Before bottling it up, there was one more test we had to pass and that was to BBQ for the Company of Marines and use our homemade sauce there," Achilles told PBP.

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Achilles Murray, His BBQ Sauce Will Make You Bite Your Finger

By Bosco Buchannan

As a kid Acheilles' uncle and his brothers used to BBQ on the fourth of July and would cook in their smokehouse. While they cooked they would let him enter the smoke-room and he was mesmerized by the fire, the heat, and the smell of ribs and chicken on the flame. After graduating from John Muir High School he entered the Marine Corps in 1994 and it seemed at least twice a month the platoon, battalion or company would throw a BBQ for the Marines. He would watch the cooks talk mess to each other and observed the way they cooked. It seemed that every BBQ we had the Marines would complain about the BBQ sauce, or the cooks for the day would sit there and make their own concoctions. Him and his wife Audry started making the sauce just for the small household of ours in Okinawa Japan. Achilles was tired of buying KC masterpiece and  adding    more    ingredients