​​​(Actress Aloma Wright and Andrea Bennet)

Exploring the taboo subject of family secrets, LaCora Stephens’ short drama tells an unsettling story that unfortunately, most families can relate to.

Like most households in Everywhere, USA, not everything is as it seems.

After discovering a deeply sinister family secret, a domineering grandmother, and her passive daughter, must make a difficult decision. They must choose to conceal the disgrace as a bond of trust as they've done in the past or disrupt the pattern. Things take a turn when one decides that secrets are no longer welcomed at her front door.

The first Stephens film to be featured on our site, 7 SHARP is an evergreen masterpiece. One of the best short films we’ve seen from a new indie director.

A lot of what makes 7 SHARP great is that its slow burn is done with purpose to drive up the anticipation when the clock strikes seven. Stephens trusts her audience to unravel the story within the story. 

With a motif of lemons, the audience will gather that problems aren’t always the biggest or extended issue, sometimes it’s how you deal with them. This film truly holds a mirror to the viewer about unsettling familiarities within families and their secrets.

Aloma Wright and Andrea Bennett are superb in this film. The leading ladies were a magnificent contrast representing Old and New Testament. Wright’s raspy voice and piercing eyes pulls you in during each scene while Bennett’s understated, and subtle reactions build tension making you question what will happen next. Newcomer Savannah Riley is a delight on screen.

Creating a universal narrative that most families, regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomical status can relate to is absolutely incredible from black female director, LaCora Stephens and we recommend that you support this local artist any way you can.

For more information on the filmmaker, visit her website below:

Website: www.LaCoraStephens.com/7-sharp

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'7 SHARP’: Film Review | PIFF 2021

Posted September 22, 2021
By Asha Smith